Busy Lizzie is a “house of accessories” that design, import and produce accessories towards different segment of the retail market, with a main focus towards children and toys, gift and hairdressers. By providing our resellers with a complement instead of a main product we are reducing the competitiveness and minimizing sales conflicts.

Busy Lizzie’s objective is to test innovative ways to, by our products, meet the customers’ needs in the way that they want to be met, without regards to current structures in the market.




Zladd is a house of brands. Since the start in 2010 Zladd has represented several successful brands. The focus has always been to find products and brands that emphasize the customers personality.

Zladd wants to find unique and colorful products that raise the personal style of the wearer. We are also looking for products that are conscious of both environment and of social aspects.





Angel Bliss – an exciting new world of jewellery and accessories for children. Our idea is simple: you or your child can create, design and personalise your own jewellery.

It is the perfect present for birthday parties or other special occasions. Have fun mixing and matching different bracelets and charms. Or, why not trade charms with your best friend and create a new bracelet altogether.